Ian Mattern Won $3000!

Vanessa Aplitt Won $3000!


The finalists for our 4th 60 Day Body Challenge have been selected and we are inspired!

All of the finalists deserved to take out the title of winner for the 60 Day Body Challenge and walk away with the huge prize haul that comes with it.

However, there can only be one winner of the 60 Day Body Challenge.

How the 60 Day Body finalists were selected

Our judging panel have reviewed all of the awe-inspiring entries from around Australia, and selected 10 very worthy finalists. These incredible people were chosen not just for their fantastic body transformation, but also considering:

  • Their complete mind and body transformation during their weight loss journey
  • Their honest reflections on how previous life struggles prompted them to start the 60 Day Body Challenge
  • How changes to diet and life-style have improved their long term health and wellbeing for the better
  • Whether their commitment to exercise and their weight loss plan have motivated them in other areas of their life.
  • How inspiring & supportive they were to other challengers during the 60 Days

If you ever need any further proof that the 60 Day Body Program is an effective way to change your life, here it is!

This is one group of very committed Australians. Let’s take a closer look at the hard-working finalists!

1st Place Winners

MALE Ian Mattern

WON $3000



Ian's Journey
2 months ago, I started a new chapter in my life. I found a shirtless photo that my wife of over 20 years took of me when we first started dating (when I had ripped muscles). I thought it would be nice to have a current photo that doesn’t scream “dad bod”. Something the missus would be proud to have (the photo and me). I traded alcohol for full cream milk (my daily cheat) and went looking for exercises I enjoyed doing. I found that important to me. If it’s not fun, don’t do it.

I’ve always been fond of cycling because it allows me to explore new places which helped take my mind off how hard the trip may be. Due to my unfixed work hours, the best time to head off for a ride was 2am. Not so nice temperatures but at least I had the road mostly to myself and I could sing out loud when a good song started playing on my phone. That actually became an indicator of a decent exercise session. If I could only sing every 2nd, 3rd or 5th word (in tune), then I was going hard. Going a little further and faster each time resulted in the kilos falling off. Every kilo lost was a minor goal met (8kg so far). Skipping is another exercise I found I like doing but didn’t realise how hard it is starting out. I don’t watch much TV but skipping is something I can do at the same time. An unplanned achievement is that I can now jump as long as the kids can on the trampoline. My back used to ache when I slept and that’s disappeared.

I had my days where I really didn’t feel like exercising but that’s ok. I changed my diet completely and cut out all sugar and processed foods. Lots of protein rich stuff. Now I feel absolutely fantastic. I remember the end of an inspirational fitness poster thingy I saw years ago. “…I didn’t say it would be easy, I said it would be worth it.” And it has been. Bring on the rest of the chapter.

FEMALE Vanessa Aplitt

WON $3000



Vanessa's Journey
This journey for me has been about learning that age is not my enemy. My age does not define what I will or wont do, what I can or cant do. Over the last 60 days I have proven that to myself. Whilst I have supportive friends and family, there are things said sometimes that could easily make me believe that I am "getting too old for this", but the truth is, that not doing it is what would make me old. Not getting out of bed with energy to go and do my workout (and also thanks to an arrangement I made with my darling daughter that if I don't go to the gym, she can choose how I have to make up for it)....not holding myself accountable for the goals I set, not thinking and planning how I feed my body....that is what would make me old. Not having a passion, not having self control and not having the supportive network of other challengers (and my daughter), would easily make me old.

I am not ready to get old! I have realised it doesn't matter what other people think. I dont care if they don't understand why I make the choices to do this. I do this for me and to feel strong and energetic and to make myself proud of the person I am. Proud to know that I can stay focussed and committed to be the best I can be. I am so proud of that!

Aside of all that, this challenge has re-ignited my determination. Not just about my body, but my life. And that excites me. If I can set my mind to something for sixty days, stick to it, and achieve it.....I achieve all my dreams!

Thank you much xxxx

2nd Place Winners

MALE Nick Morgan

WON $1000



Nick's Journey
The 60day challenge came at the perfect time I was starting to get a bit out of shape and not feeling to good a put myeself. I saw the 60day challenge and jumped on it. It’s awesome because it keeps you accountable and motivated. I work away traveling Australia so it’s important to have something to motivated you to eat healthy and keep in shape , it’s been an awesome journey. I highly recommend it to everyone.

FEMALE Rachael O'Grady

WON $1000



Rachael's Journey
Before this challenge I had already lost 55kg although I was in a better place with my health, mentally I wasn't in a good place. I had lost all this weight and I was obsessed with the scales and counting every calorie that went into my mouth. Originally I had entered this challenge purely for the possibility of winning some extra money to go towards having some excess skin removal. I had no idea I would win so much more!

After losing 55kg I had hit a plateau some days I would only consume 500 calories because I was convinced I would gain if I ate anymore and I just wanted those last 10kg gone to get me to my goal. I found this challenge and decided I need to trust these people and follow this to see if this can actually work. I joined the forum and best piece of advise someone gave me was to get rid of the scales and get a tape measure which I did.

It was so hard at first eating so much and getting passed the mental barriers of a former morbidly obese person but after a few weeks I realized it's how I feel that really matters and not only that the measurements have reflected what I have been doing. I still have alot of excess skin and a way to go but I will continue to work out and eat correctly like this challenge has taught me. I feel the best I ever felt and I feel like I've already won.

Thank you so much for creating this and letting me get to a healthier me both mentally and physically x

3rd Place Winners

MALE Clinton Mullins

WON $500



Clinton's Journey
After gaining (much) unwanted weight, and a cruise coming up at the end of the year I knew i wanted to look and feel better. Then I stumbled across an email for an 8 week challenge, so took it as a sign and decided I was going to accept that challenge. Having not gone to the a gym in about 1 year due to injury and RSI related pain I approached my local lifting area and signed up before I could back out. With my gym membership sorted, I stopped at Nutrition Warehouse on my way home and got my package to start. I printed all the exercise and eating plans, so that last Sunday before DAY 1 I did my shop and the wife watched and helped with my first weekly cook. It took longer than I thought it would but I was all set and considered it a learning curve.

I read all the posts on facebook, and decided to post one myself, even thought hard, to hold myself accountable and to make myself follow through. I was in a good mental place, ready to juggle work and study, adding in my workouts where I could. I read others challenges and hurdles, liked posts, commented sometimes and uploaded only a little. I think I was 100% for the first week and most of the second until i hurt my lower back with an incorrect lift, luckily the next day was a rest day. I stretched and rested, and was extra careful on my next workout, dropping the weight right down, watching my form, and making sure i went slow with a full warm up. I got through it.

My 1st Anniversary came up and I just had to have a cheat meal, but said no to the booze and my wife understood (luckily). back on track and the flu / cold that had been going around finally got me, but not as bad as it hit others luckily, and it didn't slow me down much. Around week for my cravings got really back, before now it just seemed like so much food, but now i just couldn't get enough. I hadn't seen the scales move but could feel myself changing in shape and clothes fitting better. I am happy with my progress.

July is here and I see a sign on the gym wall for the top 20 visitors of the month of May. I'm number 5. nice little victory. Week 6 starts and the wife has her back flair up and turns out she will need surgery. High stress, work, study, and the gym makes it hard as she can't barely walk some days, but my workouts have become my stress release and meals are a no brainer and I don't need to think what am I having for dinner. Another victory in that food is one less thing to worry about.

End of week 6, the wife is feeling down, I'm craving, so I invite a mate over and we stay in playing board games, while having my only other cheat meal and favourite food, pizza. Again I stay off the booze and they have a few. Back on track, home stretch and only 2 weeks to go. Smash my last 2 weeks 100%, and as I sit here after Ive taken my 'after' pictures, I still know in my mind Ive still got meals for the rest of the week so I'm sorted.

I will ease of a little next week, but am sure the next challenge that comes around I'll be there front row and centre. I ended up losing about 5-6kgs from my 5'7 frame, but my pants are much looser now and im closer to my 6pack goal than ever.

Thank you all, and that you to our facebook group for having the answers and questions that I needed and wanted to know, but most of all thank you to my wonderful wife for putting up with me through this journey and when her back is fixed and fine I will take her on this path with me.


FEMALE Belinda Smith

WON $500



Belinda's Journey
If I can try to condense the experience into just a few words... the 60daybody challenge was a life changing, hugely educational time for me. I was pretty active when I was younger but like many mums, had stopped my sports after the kids came along. Over the years I had put on a lot of weight and then started making excuses not to go out at all. I couldn't ride my horse which was really depressing - riding had been a passion of mine since I was 10. I'm also getting married this December, and I was sooo anxious thinking about the photos and how I would find a dress to suit my "shape". Also, I wasn't able to book for some of the activities on our honeymoon, like the flying fox, because I was over the weight limit!

When I started the challenge I found the guides were really helpful, they show steps on calculating your dietary requirements, motivation tips, and the sample menu for the 60 days included CARBS, PROTEINS AND FATS - it wasn't cutting out major food groups. I was excited to try some of the new recipes!

With 2 kids, planning a wedding plus the stress of EOFY with running my business right in the middle, then winter colds that cropped up during the challenge it would normally have been easy to make excuses not to stick to the changes but the first live feed Q&A wednesday was all about MOTIVATION, this was a game changer for me! I took on board what Hags and Hendo said about not trying to change EVERYTHING all at once because it's not sustainable for life - so I gradually added the tips from the challenge information over the first 4 weeks until I was in a routine of healthy eating and exercise. When I first started and had a few days when I felt like giving up, I would go chat in the social forum and it was encouraging to see that I wasn't the only one facing these daily struggles, there was always someone to lift you up and make you say I CAN DO THIS. I liked that there were different stages of training as you could keep building on the workouts as you get fitter and stronger. I went from "I hate working out" to "what do I do on rest days" haha...

I've made BIG physical changes in the first 60 days of my new life, from dropping... wait for it... 3 dress sizes!! Over 15% of my body weight and 6 inches off my hips, 12 off my waist, 5 off my bust and 3 off my thighs. And I can see some muscles forming! Best of all, now I am under the weight limit for the flying fox on our honeymoon!!!

It's the way I FEEL though that makes me really thankful that I joined the challenge. I have so much more energy and my mind doesn't feel "fuzzy" all the time so I'm able to concentrate on my work better. I'm enjoying setting new goals to reach both in and out of the gym. I'm a new, better version of myself with a much happier outlook too. I'm "back on the horse" LITERALLY now that I can ride him again!

My favourite part of the challenge was definitely the live feeds from Hags and Hendo - I learnt so much about nutrition and how the body responds to foods and which supplements can help. I now feel confident in choosing nutritious foods (that I enjoy eating!) to fuel my body, supplements to aid in training and recovery, and I've even started making up some of my own gym routines! I will keep going with what I've learnt from the program and the coaches. I learnt that it's important to stay consistent so once the routine was set after the first few weeks, it was so much easier to continue on.

There is another bonus too, which is having a few friends who have told me I've inspired them to start on their own health journeys - that's just amazing! If you are thinking about where or how to start, I think this challenge is a really great place to get your lifestyle headed in a healthy direction.

Thanks so much to Nutrition Warehouse and the team for putting it together, this is the start of a new life for me. Can't wait to see what else I can achieve :)

4th Place Winners

MALE Tony Hill

WON $500 Supp Pack



Tony's Journey
There were three main circumstances that led me to assess my current physical condition. Injuring my lower back at the beginning of the year and ending up in hospital, then turning 50 years of age and the fact I have a sedentary office job. Perfectly timed, I saw the Nutrition Warehouse Challenge on the website while looking at supplements and products and decided this was a good opportunity for me to change my ways. Although I am fairly active on the weekends, this clearly was not enough for me.

I originally thought my diet was not too bad but once reassessed I realised it was not too good. So my wife and I together signed up for the challenge. We decided that doing the challenge together we could support and encourage each other hence achieving better results. I found the training programs in the challenge very well thought out and the different routines enabled me to start at a suitable level for my current fitness. I surprisingly enjoyed the Tabata style workouts and used them regularly as part of my training. Being 50 years old, the shorter and brisker workouts seemed less taxing on my body and I was able to recover quicker. The meal plans where easy to follow and tasty too. I found I rarely felt hungry as the meal plan had you eating regularly. As the challenge progressed I felt I had more energy than I have had in years. I put this down to the healthy eating and regular exercise that this challenge has taught me.

Armed with all the information on the website I feel more educated to incorporate the diet and exercise into my current lifestyle. I am looking forward to keeping these new habits I have learnt and I feel very grateful that I came across this challenge.

Thank you Nutrition Warehouse!

FEMALE Courtney Jenner

WON $500 Supp Pack



Courtney's Journey
I have really enjoyed this challenge! I have struggled with my weight for a long long time and I’ve been going to the gym on and off for about 2 years now without getting anywhere. This is my first 60 day challenge and my first weight loss challenge all together! I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to see it through, I thought I would give up but I persevered and I lost 8.2kg in the 8 weeks. I’ve gained a lot of muscle and I am fitter and healthier.

I followed the meal and fitness plans and I have learnt so much about training and nutrition. I meal prep every Sunday and today, I’m doing it for the first time without the 60DBC training wheels! I really felt like all the information I needed was supplied to me and I had every opportunity to learn more with this challenge.

I also learnt a lot about supplements and what my body needs to help become a better version of myself. I have lost a dress size but what I have gained is so much more! So thank you guys so much for this opportunity and I will 100% see you at the next challenge!

5th Place Winners

MALE Kulwant Singh

WON $300 Supp Pack



Kulwant's Journey
I joined the previous 60 day body challenge but failed to finish it up and desperately waiting for this one to start because I know that this challenge providing a platform and chance to transform myself. It's a place where I got full guidance in regards to food, supplement and training which results in not only my body transformation but my lifestyle as well. The best of this challenge is the forum where i meet a supportive community, people willing to help and encourage one another and guidance from professional coaches is just awesome ...the training and nutrition professionals got out most capabilities and enormous knowledge to answer any query.

Heartiest thanks to GREG HAGLAND, MATT MOODY and JULIA SERAFINA and the entire team members of this challenge to help me to achieve best of my life.

In a nutshell I am more than happy with my results and finished this journey with tons of knowledge in regards to nutrition, supplements, training and mindset that'll keep helping me hitting my future goals.

FEMALE Karen Neilson

WON $300 Supp Pack



Karen's Journey
I felt this program really worked for me, easy to shop, prep and tasty as well. A few hiccups but no major issues, though having 3 events to attend in the last week didn’t help. Training all good, I train CrossFit 5 days a week. I am very happy with the results especially the after back photo I will be doing this challenge again but am continuing with planning and prepping my meals


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